invite the peaceful beauty of painting with watercolor into your day


Get the right supplies with a resource list of favorite paper, paint sets, brushes.

(hint: you don't have to spend a fortune!)


You don't need to be an expert (or even call yourself an artist!) to get beautiful results. 


With good watercolor basics, you can create artwork you're proud to display in your home. 

Enjoy this class on any internet connected device.

Get HD video lessons full of tips and techniques.

Start or re-watch again and again.  Go at your own pace.

Upon registering, you'll have instant and unlimited access. 

"I think it’s safe to say I’ve gone watercolor crazy since signing up for your class! Thanks so much for offering such great videos and tips! I for serious cannot stop painting."


"I love being able to access the pre-recorded classes whenever I am able. You should see all the little paintings I have made since I joined the class! I am turning them into cards that I then send to people. My mother has said that this is a pretty special thing to do since it's original artwork. That makes me feel good about what I am doing. I hope it will make women feel extra-loved!"


"I don't think words can adequately express how nice it was to let myself create again. I had painted for years growing up (mostly acrylics) - I even minored in studio art in college - but somehow life got in the way, and I just stopped. Watercolor always scared me even though I loved the style. Your class made it so approachable and less daunting - thank you for inspiring me to pick up a brush again. I forgot how much joy can be found in simply creating and making something I think is beautiful. My husband says it makes me light up, and after a few hard years, it has been a pleasant surprise to both of us for that to still be possible."


"I don't think I've turned on the tv once during my kiddos naptime because this is such a calming thing for me to do in my down time! "



Join Emily, a lifetime watercolor-er who loves to create simple illustrations.

Painting is not just about the finished artwork. There is something so relaxing and enjoyable about mixing colors, watching the paint do its magic and spending a few quiet moments making something beautiful.


Get 2 Hours of Lessons and Projects So You Can Easily Learn How To Watercolor

  1.  SUPPLIES: Not sure what the difference is between cold press and hot press? Pan paints or tube? Flat brush or round? Find out what supplies to use and why! - 9:59 minutes
  2. TECHNIQUES: Learn the proper water-to-paint ratio, how to blend, different brush strokes and how to fix a mistake. 8:54 Minutes
  3. MIXING COLORS: Create any color from primary colors and any shade by just adding water. 9:58 Minutes
  4. DOT PRACTICE: Watch what happens when you let your colors touch and blend with this simple (yet totally fun) project.  - 4:54 Minutes
  5. SEASCAPE: Paint an ombre seascape to practice layering, blending and fine details. You'll love your finished art piece! - 15:46 Minutes
  6. SCRIBBLE ART Create a modern watercolor piece worthy of framing. - 6:09 Minutes
  7. TURNING YOUR SKETCH INTO A PAINTING: Take a simple pencil sketch and add watercolor to make one-of-a-kind illustrations. - 14:08 Minutes
  8. BRUSH LETTERING: Use your paints and paintbrush to create special lettered art. - 11:43 Minutes
  9. MONOGRAM ART: Practice blending to make a relief monogram art print. Great for gift tags, too! - 5:31 Minutes
  10. FLOWER ART: Impress your friends (and yourself!) with your watercolor skills as you create a layered flower print. - 28:45 Minutes

BONUS: Watercolor Sketch Pages

Get 20 hand drawn sketches you can use to practice painting on. Included are assorted flowers, foods, household items, pets and geometric patterns.

Instructions included for how to transfer the sketches to watercolor paper. 




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