Our goal at JDC Simplified Classes is to awaken and foster a creativity in women during all seasons of life.  

Whether you are starting a new business or retiring from your career; moving into your first apartment or sprucing up your long-time home; looking to dust off a skill you've forgotten all about or try something completely new, we are so happy you're here.

Each class has one thing in common: an approachable, friendly teaching style giving you all the essentials so that you finish each class feeling confident and inspired. Because isn't that what we all need?!

Taking time to pursue a new (or old!) hobby, decorating your home, organizing the pantry, handwriting a thank you note, creating a clever wreath, playing with watercolors, reading a good book ... we're 100% for it. And we'll continue to do all we can to make incorporating these skills into your everyday a little bit easier. 

Creativity simplified.