Free Watercolor Project & Coloring Pages

Here’s a fun activity to keep the kids creatively occupied for a bit:

Watercolor coloring pages!

Watch the video lesson to learn how to use the pages and download the printable watercolor coloring book below.

Sometimes you just don't know what to paint. These 20 simple hand drawn sketches are the perfect place to start!

Included are assorted flowers, foods, household items, pets and geometric patterns that kids can add their own details and creativity to.

Watch the video below to learn how to use the coloring pages.



Strathmore Cold Press Paper | Windsor & Newton Tube Set | Prang Professional Watercolor Set | Round Brush Set

The coloring pages are great for artists of ages and can be used again and again.

Use your imagination to embellish The sketches any way you wish - add stripes to the socks, choose your favorite flavor of ice cream, decorate a cake and design your own coffee label! The options are endless. 

Have fun!

For more watercolor fun, join the Watercolor for Kids class

Artists ages 6-12 will learn watercolor technique and are led through happy projects to keep their hands busy and creativity engaged! 



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